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Dr Anil Bas is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Marmara University, Turkey.


He completed his PhD degree in computer science under the supervision of Dr Will Smith in the CVPR Research Group at the University of York, UK in 2018. Funded by the Council of Higher Education (Turkey), his PhD focused on estimating 3D face shape from 2D images using geometric cues, i.e. semantically meaningful landmark points and contours. (For more information, please see his thesis and thesis seminar slides.) Prior to his doctoral degree, he received his MSc degree in computer engineering at Selcuk University, Turkey in 2013, and his BSc degree in electronics and computer education at Kocaeli University, Turkey in 2011.


His research interests include computer vision and machine learning – specifically geometric face analysis, statistical shape modelling, facial geometry in deep networks and ambiguity in shape reconstruction.


He is a Senior Researcher on the AI as Author project, supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and hosted by Koc University, as well as a Researcher on the Transforming Systems through Partnership project, supported by Katip Celebi-Newton Fund, TUBITAK and the Royal Academy of Engineering, which is a collaborative initiative between Marmara University, Sheffield Hallam University, Analythinx and Istanbul's Maltepe Municipality.


He is Academic Advisor for 2019-2020 admissions, Erasmus Coordinator for the Computer Engineering Department and Co-supervisor of Marmara University Vision Lab.

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If you have a project/reseach idea, please feel free to pop in for a chat or contact me via email. I am looking for undergraduate students who would like to conduct research in the field of computer vision and machine learning.


Senior Researcher – 2232 Programme, TUBITAK

Jan 2020 - Jan 2023

AI as Author: Bridging the Gap Between Computational Creativity Techniques and Literary Theory

Koc University, https://authorai.ku.edu.tr

Researcher – TSP1307, Katip Celebi-Newton Fund, TUBITAK and the Royal Academy of Engineering

Apr 2020 - Jul 2021

Location optimisation of underground and aboveground containers and development of a dynamic, intelligent and sustainable scheduling for solid waste collection in urban areas: A case study of Maltepe Municipality

Marmara University, Sheffield Hallam University, Analythinx and Istanbul's Maltepe Municipality



  • Computer Graphics 2020 - 2021 (Graduate)
  • Web Programming 2020 - 2021
  • Computer Programming I 2020 - 2021
  • Computer Programming I 2019 - 2020
  • Computer Programming I 2018 - 2019
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming 2018 - 2019


Professional Activities


  • IET Computer Vision (IET Comput. Vis.)
  • Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences (HCIS)
  • Computer Applications in Engineering Education (CAE)
  • Machine Vision and Applications (MVA)
  • International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)



Assistant Professor – Marmara University

Aug 2020 - Current

Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology

Research Associate – Marmara University

Feb 2012 - Aug 2020

Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Technology

Intern – Meteksan System

Jun 2010 - Jul 2010

Software and Hardware Systems

Intern – Datasel Information Systems

Jun 2009 - Jul 2009

Research and Development Department

Intern – Electrics Affairs and Etude Administration

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007

Data Processing Center


Doctor of Philosophy Degree – University of York

Oct 2014 - Sep 2018

Department of Computer Science

Master of Science Degree – Selcuk University

Oct 2011 - Sep 2013

Department of Computer Engineering

Bachelor's Degree – Kocaeli University

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011

Department of Electronics and Computer Education

Associate's Degree – Anadolu University

Sep 2008 - May 2010

Department of Public Relations and Advertising

High School Degree – Turk Telekom Anatolian Technical High School

Sep 2003 - Jun 2007

Computer Software


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I am working on challenging computer vision and machine learning problems which are mainly based on optimisation and 3d model fitting. Here, you can find interesting websites, tools and datasets that I have become aware of during my research.

Report on ICCV 2017

A Quick Guide to Face Analysis

A Quick Guide to TensorFlow

A Quick Guide to Latex


What Does 2D Geometric Information Really Tell Us About 3D Face Shape?

Paper Project Page Springer

3D Morphable Models as Spatial Transformer Networks

Paper Poster Project Page GitHub CVF

Fitting a 3D Morphable Model to Edges: A Comparison Between Hard and Soft Correspondences

Paper Slides Project Page GitHub YouTube LNCS

CCTV Revisited: Face Analysis Under Challenging Conditions

Poster Project Page YouTube


Human-Computer Interaction Educational Mobile Photosynthesis Application

A. Bal, A. Bas and M. Elibol
7th International Computer and Instructional Technologies Symposium, pp. 179–180, 2013.

Abstract Paper

Real Time Motion Recognition For Interactive Applications

A. Bas
Master Thesis, Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Selcuk University, 2013.



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  • Poland (Warsaw, Olsztyn, Krakow, Gdansk)
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Marmara University, Goztepe Campus, Faculty of Technology,
4th Floor, Office D403, 34722, Kadikoy/Istanbul TURKEY